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Sedona Sun

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So fabulous to spend a long weekend with my sister Angie Valdivieso out in Sedona, baking, basking and Buddha-ing out on the hot rocks.

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A Fairy Special Moment

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Some new wings with my sister Angie Valdivieso

DSC_8493 editDSC_8633 editDSC_8568 editDSC_8600 editDSC_8555 editDSC_8631 edit

Jessica & Diego Manchego (5/20/17)

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Thank you so much to Jessica for having me shoot some potraits with her and her handsome man in Oakland last weekend. Such a beautiful, sunny day for sitting on the dock of the bay.

DSC_8085 editDSC_8120 editDSC_8030 editDSC_8035 editDSC_8086 editDSC_8110 edit

Sylvia (5/19/17)

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Thank you so much to Sylvia for finding me on instagram for family portraits with Brian and Azaela. So much fun!
DSC_7860a editDSC_7909a editDSC_7948 editDSC_7904 editDSC_7978 editDSC_7899 editDSC_7838 editDSC_7976 editDSC_7922 editDSC_7815 editDSC_7972 editDSC_7927 editDSC_7806 edit

The Intersection LA (5/14/17)

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Thanks The Intersection LA for having me shoot behind the scenes photos for their latest episode, featuring Fire Chief Charlie and Mike Moody & The Motion. Such great local bands, thanks again for having me!

DSC_7417 editDSC_7303a editDSC_7454 editDSC_7508 editDSC_7334 editDSC_7301 editDSC_7399 editDSC_7326 editDSC_7352 editDSC_7398 editDSC_7363 editDSC_7472 editDSC_7401 editDSC_7475 editDSC_7461 editDSC_7474 editDSC_7480 editDSC_7454 editDSC_7502 editDSC_7310 editDSC_7294 edit

Portrait Sessions Available (5/19-5/20)

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Bay Area & Sacramento! Don’t miss out on scheduling a #portrait or #lifestyle session with @fiestabanphoto near you on 5/19 and 5/20. Schedule yours today! $150/90 minutes. DM me here or at

Portrait Session2 edit

Ramisi :: Poppies

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Had to catch the California Golden Poppy bloom out at the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve in Lancaster with the lovely and talented Ramisi Leigh before they bake in the high desert heat. Such a great day. Thank you to Amy Prado for the make-up and helping us battle the insane wind.
DSC_6697 editDSC_6738 editDSC_6655 editDSC_6694 editDSC_6619 editDSC_6740 editDSC_6733 editDSC_6499 editDSC_6609 editDSC_6731 editDSC_6747 editDSC_6520 editDSC_6761 edit

Tucson 4/20/17

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Such a great extended weekend in Tucson with Angela, by far one of the most amazing women I know.
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Joshua Tree 4/15/17

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Some pix from a quick birthday jaunt out to Joshua Tree with some amazing friends Tania and Victoria. Such a fun weekend!

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The Intersection L.A. (3/18/17)

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Thanks so much to Rose Rossi for having me do some behind the scenes shots for the latest installment of The Intersection L.A. a web series that highlights new musical talents from resident and transient artists around the City of Angels. Huge thanks to The Fair Wells, Ike’s Creek and Zocaio for letting me get some amazing shots!

DSC_6362 editDSC_6245 editDSC_6289 editDSC_6300 editDSC_6279 editDSC_6239 editDSC_6301 editDSC_6286 editDSC_6232 editDSC_6297 editDSC_6223 editDSC_6303 editDSC_6332 editDSC_6384 editDSC_6317 editDSC_6319 editDSC_6334 editDSC_6373 editDSC_6387 editDSC_6380 editDSC_6345 editDSC_6351 editDSC_6401 editDSC_6396 editDSC_6315 editDSC_6356 editDSC_6252 edit