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San Diego with Tasha (4/21/18)

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Such a great getaway with the lovely Tasha

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Joshua Tree Getaway

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Thanks to my friend Kristen for joining me on a birthday getaway.

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Paradise w/ Azin

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A beautiful day with Azin in the poppy fields at the very beginning of their bloom.
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Sunday Brunch with Model Mafia LA

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Thank you so much to Model Mafia for having me at the Mad Diva Concierge Easter Sunday Funday at Taj Art in Eagle Rock this weekend. It was a beautiful celebrity dining experience, along with bottomless mimosas and sangria, trap beats by Nene-B and an appearance by Love & Hip Hop’s Amina Pankey. Thanks to Queen Sheeba, Chic Chef Co, Disorderly Conduction, Young Bold And Regal, Beauty N The Box, Sprinkle and Prodigii Source One Thanks again!
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Geneva Jacuzzi :: Sloppy Jane :: Sabrina Is Not In This Chat :: Ember & His Orchestra

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If you don’t know Geneva Jacuzzi, please run to youtube right now and check her out. Equal parts Nina Hagen, Kraftwerk, Siouxsie Sioux and a splash of Ariel Park/The Knife, this performance artist is the next wave of sound and vision. What an insanely decadent and wild show at the new Non Plus Ultra. And thanks to Sloppy Jane, Sabrina Is Not In This Chat , and Ember & His Orchestra for their amazing performances as well.

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Fischerspooner @The Fonda Theater (3/15/18)

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I have been a huge fan of Fischerspooner for over 17 years, so when they stopped in L.A. with their new album “Sir“, I hustled up a press pass and headed to Hollywood’s Fonda Theater. I’m so honored to be a part of this tour and everything it stands for. Fischerspooner is an unapologetically queer music/performance collaboration project, and has consistently been an underground force for resistance against what they call “hypermediocrity”. Such a great night with a drag show hosted by Detox (from RuPaul’s Drag Race) beforehand. Thanks again!

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A quick step out in downtown with R.DSC_4413 (edited) croppedDSC_4377a cropped

ATLAS (2/24/18)

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Thank you so much to Leyya Mona Tawil DANCE ELIXIR Mike Khoury The Lab SF and Lord Tang for having me shoot stills of this rare piece of contemporary dance performance this weekend. Atlas is deceptively simple to describe, but nearly impossible to explain. Only debuted once before in Europe, the piece is a sheer endurance test of movement (set to a haunting viola), addressing issues of spectatorship and the acclimatization of violence; the historic diaspora of Arab and other refugees around the world; the weight of conscientiousness in a world seemingly without conscience; the toll on a body and mind pushed far beyond their limits; helplessness, adversity, fear and hope. Thank you again to Leyya for hosting and hoisting this evening. Atlas may be a heavy load to carry, but not if we all lift together.

In addition, a psychedelic mixture of colorful projected visuals and sonic experimentation, Lord Tang brought the noise before Atlas. Thanks again!

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San Diego Family Portraits (2/17/18)

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Thanks so much to my friend Jennie Buss-Miranda and her husband for having me shoot some family photos with their one year old star Zachary. Such a beautiful day in sunny San Diego. Thanks again!

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Kimi Mikel at The Cobra Shop

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A quick set tonight by the totally radical Kimi Mikel at The Cobra Shop‘s street-side Lovefest, smack dab in the middle of Hollywood. She’s not to be missed! Check her out here
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