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Afrofunke (6/10/18)

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Such a beautiful day in sunny downtown Los Angeles with Gigi and crew at the 15th year anniversary of Afrofunke!

Kawaya & LaChae Beach Looks (6/9/18)

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Kicking the summer off right with the gorgeous KK & Chae in the Lilly Love Collection at Play Del Rey.

Model Mafia Mixer (5/20/18)

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Thanks so much to Model Mafia for having me shoot headshots at their Model Mixer. So much great new talent!
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Radioactive Chickenheads @Titmouse Inc. SMASH Party

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Thanks so much to Titmouse Inc Animation for having me at their annual Hollywood Smash Party! And thanks to The Radioactive Chickenheads for having me for their performance!DSC_7639 blogDSC_7662a blogDSC_7649a blogDSC_7674 blogDSC_7680 blogDSC_7689 blogDSC_7691 blogDSC_7714 blogDSC_7722 blogDSC_7763 blogDSC_7630 blogDSC_7698 blogDSC_7777 blogDSC_7785 blogDSC_7802 blogDSC_7791 blogDSC_7810 blogDSC_7813 blogDSC_7814 blogDSC_7827 blogDSC_7831 blogDSC_7783 blog

Tap with Tania (5/12/18)

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“I didn’t want to move or act like a rich man. I wanted to dance in a pair of jeans.” -Gene Kelly

Thanks so much to my friend Tania for having me shoot some early morning tap routines!

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New Wave Cholas Cinco De Mayo Party 5/5/18

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Thanks so much to New Wave Cholas for having me to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with their Cinco Depeche Mode night at The Airliner LA. Thanks so much to some amazing vendors, including Chula Face, Neta Zine and Casa Lambe Culo.
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“When the weight of the world is upon you, set it free…preferably with glitter -Anonymous

Thanks so much to my fairy-sister Angie for this fairy special occasion out in the Poppy Preserve
DSC_6825 blogDSC_6790 blogDSC_6809 blogDSC_6886 blogDSC_6843 blog

San Diego with Tasha (4/21/18)

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Such a great getaway with the lovely Tasha

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Joshua Tree Getaway

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Thanks to my friend Kristen for joining me on a birthday getaway.

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Paradise w/ Azin

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A beautiful day with Azin in the poppy fields at the very beginning of their bloom.
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