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Ramisi :: Poppies

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Had to catch the California Golden Poppy bloom out at the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve in Lancaster with the lovely and talented Ramisi Leigh before they bake in the high desert heat. Such a great day. Thank you to Amy Prado for the make-up and helping us battle the insane wind.
DSC_6697 editDSC_6738 editDSC_6655 editDSC_6694 editDSC_6619 editDSC_6740 editDSC_6733 editDSC_6499 editDSC_6609 editDSC_6731 editDSC_6747 editDSC_6520 editDSC_6761 edit

Tucson 4/20/17

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Such a great extended weekend in Tucson with Angela, by far one of the most amazing women I know.
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Joshua Tree 4/15/17

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Some pix from a quick birthday jaunt out to Joshua Tree with some amazing friends Tania and Victoria. Such a fun weekend!

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The Intersection L.A. (3/18/17)

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Thanks so much to Rose Rossi for having me do some behind the scenes shots for the latest installment of The Intersection L.A. a web series that highlights new musical talents from resident and transient artists around the City of Angels. Huge thanks to The Fair Wells, Ike’s Creek and Zocaio for letting me get some amazing shots!

DSC_6362 editDSC_6245 editDSC_6289 editDSC_6300 editDSC_6279 editDSC_6239 editDSC_6301 editDSC_6286 editDSC_6232 editDSC_6297 editDSC_6223 editDSC_6303 editDSC_6332 editDSC_6384 editDSC_6317 editDSC_6319 editDSC_6334 editDSC_6373 editDSC_6387 editDSC_6380 editDSC_6345 editDSC_6351 editDSC_6401 editDSC_6396 editDSC_6315 editDSC_6356 editDSC_6252 edit

Jimmmy Gomez Meet And Greet 3/12/17

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Growing up in East L.A., Jimmy is running for the 34th Congressional District (which includes most of East L.A., Highland Park, Alhambra, Glendale, Downtown and MIdcity) in a special primary election on April 4th. The vacancy was created because Gov. Brown tapped Congressman Xavier Beccera to be CA’s attorney general to replace Kamala Harris after she won her Senate seat. My mom Luanna Allard has been instrumental in helping organize for him, and helped throw a meet and greet so that community members could ask him questions directly. Thanks for having me take some pics for this up-and-coming progressive Democrat.DSC_6205a editDSC_6183a editDSC_6187a editDSC_6155 editDSC_6162 editDSC_6161 editDSC_6169 editDSC_6173 editDSC_6193a editDSC_6195a editDSC_6213a edit

Tania & Noami Campbell Supermodel Dog in a Winter Wanderland

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Thanks so much to Tania Possick and the amazing #naomicampbellsupermodeldog for joining me for a little snow-filled expedition to the Angeles Crest National Forest’s Chilao Campground for a little winter look.
#winterlook #fiestabanphoto
DSC_5837 cropDSC_6109 cropDSC_6010 cropDSC_6143 cropDSC_6000 cropDSC_5852 cropDSC_5996 cropDSC_6124 cropDSC_6019 cropDSC_5961 cropDSC_6076 cropDSC_6137 cropDSC_6065 cropDSC_5919 cropDSC_5937 cropDSC_6153 crop

Tasha (2/21/17)

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Always down for a photo adventure over the long weekend, Tasha is a vision both in front of, and behind the camera.DSC_5688 cropDSC_5684 cropDSC_5692 cropDSC_5676 crop

Chinatown Golden Dragon Parade 2017

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Just a little black and white to ring in the Lunar New Year in Chinatown L.A. #happynewyear #fiestabanphoto
DSC_5574 editDSC_5625 editDSC_5606a editDSC_5626 editDSC_5611 editDSC_5594 editDSC_5644a editDSC_5590 editDSC_5582 editDSC_5658a editDSC_5672a editDSC_5577 edit

Women’s March Los Angeles 2017

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It was time to get out the protest last weekend at the Women’s March LA (January 21, 2017). Such a great day of camaraderie, passion and celebration of what brings us together: love. Great to hang with my amiga Tania Possick as we marched the streets of DTLA in one of the biggest U.S. protests in history. #thefutureisfemale #fiestabanphoto
DSC_5405 cropDSC_5382 cropDSC_5356 cropDSC_5436 cropDSC_5434 cropDSC_5346 cropDSC_5331 cropDSC_5372 cropDSC_5481 cropDSC_5340 cropDSC_5451 cropDSC_5345 cropDSC_5410 cropDSC_5396 cropDSC_5449 cropDSC_5453 cropDSC_5476 cropDSC_5494 cropDSC_5491 cropDSC_5508 cropDSC_5507 cropDSC_5415 cropDSC_5558 cropDSC_5512 cropDSC_5521 cropDSC_5556 cropDSC_5501 cropDSC_5478 cropDSC_5505 cropDSC_5479 cropDSC_5495 cropDSC_5471 cropDSC_5472 cropDSC_5469 cropDSC_5460 cropDSC_5457 cropDSC_5443 cropDSC_5427 cropDSC_5413 cropDSC_5386 cropDSC_5399 cropDSC_5371 cropDSC_5370 cropDSC_5368 cropDSC_5360 cropDSC_5376 cropDSC_5426 cropDSC_5514 cropDSC_5430 cropDSC_5489 cropDSC_5422 cropDSC_5351 cropDSC_5528 cropDSC_5336 cropDSC_5445 crop

Out Of The Box Holiday Card

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Thank you so much to Out Of The Box for having me do their 2016 holiday card! So excited for the debut of this hilarious comedy series about two new young moms facing the perils of child-rearing, sex and motherhood while trying to keep their sanity. Thanks again to Rose Rossi and Kristin Malko Rywalski for their love, support and patience! #outofthebox #fiestabanphotomock5 edit