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Meese In The Garden

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A beautiful day with Meese in her curated garden.

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Los Angeles Women’s March 2018

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A whole day surrounded by over 500,000 goddesses, queens, chieftesses, warriors, comadres, nurturers, nasty women, class acts, gurus, mothers, sisters, daughters and allies–What else could you ask for? Such a #beautiful #sunny day at the 2nd Annual Women’s March in #downtown Los Angeles today. It’s easy to forget how #connected and #supportive even a #huge city like LA can really be, but it’s events like these that really drive it #home. Let’s keep the ball rolling ladies and germs! As Mayor Garcetti said, “It’s never the right time to do the wrong thing, and it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.”
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White Gold

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Such a gorgeous day out in the snow with the lovely Model Melissa in her natural element. Who says it doesn’t snow in LA?!

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Kimi Mik’el at The Lash (1/3/18)

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When your dear friend is like a cross between Debbie Harry, Olivia Newton-John and Daryl Hannah, you head immediately downtown and stay out way past your bedtime to see her perform at The Lash. Kimi has put her all into songwriting and performance, among other projects so it’s amazing to see the fruits of her work out on the dance floor. Be sure to check out her disco classic “Love Honey” here. And thanks to New Body, Mikel LOL and Vigiletti for all the performances
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Wild Creatures (12/16/17)

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I’m no nature photographer, but I felt like I had to share at least a few pics from last weekend’s trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with Tasha Walker for her birthday. The park itself is hundreds of acres of land set aside for conservation, ecological research and amazing visitor tours–all these animals will need generations of biologists, ecologists, activists and volunteers to protect them from the scourge that is humanity’s greed. This place is doing God’s work, for real. You really couldn’t ask for a better day with a better person.
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Windswept (12/15/17)

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Thanks so much to the talented and fabulous Model Melissa & Fabian Romero for this incredible double portrait session out in the high desert. Such a great way to finish off the year on a high note with so many more great ideas for the future. And shout out to @Worthyflicks for helping me chase the sun, keeping the equipment from flying and getting some bts shots. Thanks again everyone! Happy New Year!
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International Human Rights Day (12/10/17)

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Today was International Human Rights Day and this rally in Downtown LA was abuzz with a march against imperialism in all forms across the globe and speakers from all progressive stripes. Thanks to the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, Rasika Ruwanpathirana, John Thompson and all the organizers for putting together all these incredible speakers and keeping it 100.
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Radioactive Chicken Heads at the 35th Annual Pasadena Doo Dah Parade

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Somebody let the Radioactive Chicken Heads out of their coop and onto the streets for Pasadena for the annual Doo Dah Parade. These mothercluckers were in full effect!

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35th Annual Pasadena Doo Dah Parade (11/19/17)

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Too weird to live, too strange to die. The Doo Dah Parade always delivers.

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Model Mafia LA Feed The Homeless (11/12/17)

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Thank you so much to Sheba and Model Mafia for having me yesterday at their Feed The Homeless event in Downtown L.A.’s Skid Row. So many people, even in the most trying of times, in the most difficult of places, found a little solace and a warm meal here in the middle of L.A.’s notorious encampment. And a huge thanks to Crazy 4 Tacos and Sweets By Char for cooking this huge meal. It’s difficult to put into words just how criminal and shameful it is that this area even exists, but how miraculous that despite it all, people were still dancing, singing and smiling with food and drink bought with the funds raised from the Model Mafia Runway For Water event last July. Even the kids had fun serving up lunch! Thanks for a great day everyone!
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