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Model Melissa :: Runway Ready/747

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A huge thanks to Model Melissa for being a champion in front of an epic NASA jetliner at the Joe Davies Heritage Airpark. Stunning!
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Model Melissa :: Rocky Road With A Cherry On Top

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Some roadside desert fashion stunners with Model Melissa. Working with her is such a joy!

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Ben & Jessica

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One of my oldest and dearest friends Ben asked me to do some updated family portraits with his wife and son Santiago. What a family!

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Model Mafia Fashion Show Viewing Party (9/24/17)

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Thanks so much to Model Mafia and Queen Sheba for having me to the Model Mafia Fashion Show Viewing Party at Manor On Vine is sunny Hollywood. Such a great way to present the 2nd Annual Fashion Show & Runway For Water event, showcase all the beautiful talent and boogie afterwards. Thanks again!

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#DefendDACA Rally L.A. (9/10/17)

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So inspired by the #DefendDACA March this weekend around Macarthur Park, Echo Park and Placita Olvera in DTLA. Thousands of people poured into the streets to protest the end of the DACA program, meant as a stop-gap to an already broken immigration system, exposing over 800,000 hard-working young people to possible deportation and harassment. Besides a few pro-Trump hecklers, the day was just filled with love, peace and a call for immediate change. Thank you to all the organizers of the Defend DACA for this incredible rally of support!

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Tasha :: Arts District

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It’s almost unfair that I have friends whom are not only amazing photographers, but incredible models. Thanks so much Tasha Walker
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Model Melissa :: It Ought To Be Illegal

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Thank you to the incredible Model Melissa for having me shoot some birthday photos along with some pool shots. She is absolutely stunning and cannot wait to work with her again! Happy Birthday Melissa!!

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Too Cool For Pool :: Ramisi (8/20/17)

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The beautiful Ramisi Leigh looks stellar in swimwear, so we decided to chill out at a friend’s pool before summer ends.

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Geneva Jacuzzi :: Nite Jewel :: Harriet Brown

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So many jams this weekend w/ Geneva Jacuzzi, Nite Jewel and Harriet Brown at The Teragram Ballroom in beautiful Downtown LA. Thanks for wrapping up the Queenztour in LA and bringing some serious funk when we needed it most.

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Out Of The Box Launch Party (7/29/17)

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Thanks so much to Rose Rossi and Kristin Malko for having me for the launch of their comedy web series (launched entirely from their Kickstarter) “Out Of The Box” about two new mothers whose bodies have turned against them, struggling against all odds to keep their sanity intact. Also, a big special shout out to Lorenzo Zocaio for his stellar musical performance before the preview. Thanks to all those that made this project a reality…and thanks again for this super soirée!

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