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35th Annual Pasadena Doo Dah Parade (11/19/17)

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Too weird to live, too strange to die. The Doo Dah Parade always delivers.

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Model Mafia LA Feed The Homeless (11/12/17)

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Thank you so much to Sheba and Model Mafia for having me yesterday at their Feed The Homeless event in Downtown L.A.’s Skid Row. So many people, even in the most trying of times, in the most difficult of places, found a little solace and a warm meal here in the middle of L.A.’s notorious encampment. And a huge thanks to Crazy 4 Tacos and Sweets By Char for cooking this huge meal. It’s difficult to put into words just how criminal and shameful it is that this area even exists, but how miraculous that despite it all, people were still dancing, singing and smiling with food and drink bought with the funds raised from the Model Mafia Runway For Water event last July. Even the kids had fun serving up lunch! Thanks for a great day everyone!
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Luxxury :: Gum Studios Halloween Party (10/28/17)

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Since I met him in 2006, my buddy Luxxury has been kicking out the jams. It was no exception at Gum Studios Halloween Party this last weekend at their Brooklyn warehouse. Great to see Blake bring the funk and disco in bonafide New York style. Check out his latest single “Pleasure” here or on youtube.

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GUM Studios Halloween Party (10/28/17)

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It’s difficult to explain the level of spookiness and kookiness that is halloween in New York, but GUM Studios threw one of the best costume shindigs I’ve ever been to at their Long Island City warehouse. So many amazing creatures and characters!

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Día De Los Muertos 2017

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Glad I made it back in time for Los Angeles’ original Day Of The Dead festival and procession (“Novenario Procession”), one of the oldest holidays in the Latin American calendar. This festival of flowers, sugar skulls, altars and facepainting is not about mourning the dead, but celebrating the life that they lead. It is also about showing gratitude for the life we have in front of us now, and the people whom connect us to something larger than ourselves. As Minerva Vazquez puts it, “…The Day of the Dead is a holiday to remember and give tribute to people whom were a part of this world. [About] marking your prints in all people’s hearts and when the time comes, you will be remembered with bright colors, your favorite food, some wild marigolds, or at least with a fragile light.” For all those whom we’ve lost this year and for those long gone but not forgotten, your lives mattered and we love you.

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Model Melissa :: Mor och Dotter

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Thanks so much to Model Melissa for having me along with a whirlwind day around LA with her lovely mother, Jeanette.

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Gigi :: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Thanks so much to Gigi for stopping by for a quick shoot at Arlington Gardens in Pasadena. #fiestabanphoto
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Thanks to Jessica for some beautiful and light test shots at the LACMA. And thanks to Tasha Walker for setting up this shoot!

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Radioactive Chicken Heads Album Release Party (10/13/17)

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Thanks so much to the Radioactive Chicken Heads for having me at their record release of “Tales From The Coop” at the HM157 in Lincoln Heights. Congrats to these good eggs.
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Model Melissa :: Runway Ready/747

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A huge thanks to Model Melissa for being a champion in front of an epic NASA jetliner at the Joe Davies Heritage Airpark. Stunning!
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